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Sukkot Under the Stars
October 9-18, 2022

408 Highway 912 | Landrum, SC 29356

Story Telling

Tuesday, October 11, 4-6pm

Stories of Culture and Revelation

Hebraic Roots: The Hidden Star
The glory of God hides something.
The glory of kings searches it out. (Pr 25:2)
The name, Esther, means “I will hide” in Hebrew.
So much is hidden in her story, in God’s story.

Its mysteries yearn to be uncovered.
Its hidden dates and names cry to be revealed.
When Esther laid down her life for her people she fulfilled an ancient promise hidden in secret Biblical understanding.

Her fulfilled romance with the king brought life to herself and her people. But if it had been rejected, it would have brought death to all. Unbeknownst to the common reader, God had hidden His promise in the dates. The outcome was delineated hundreds of years before the event occurred. Come and be surprised.

Wendy Cohen is a literary and performing artist as well as a passionate investigator of the Hebrew roots of the Christian Faith.



From the age of three Priscilla Hurd was spinning, twirling, tumbling and tapping, grateful for her free dance classes. Although she loved it all, she knew something was missing. What??? Then, in 9th grade, she discovered Hula for Christ, God in dance, and it revolutionized her life. Dancing into communion and ministry, proclaiming God’s Will for dry bones to come alive, receiving the Breath of YHVH, the Redemption of things lost out of Eden, she discovered the ministry for which she was created. She could use dance to demonstrate her love for her Everything, the One. 


Come enjoy her stories of Hawaii’s True Aloha SPIRIT! Learn how some of Hula’s expressive elements were redeemed for THE KING. Then, watch her exquisite dancing as she freely expresses her heart of love towards HIM.


Spirit Hawk’s grandmother, Run-in-Rain, was given an unusual painting by a stranger, in an amazing way. Together with Run-in-Rain, Spirit Hawk wrote the song, “Rising from the Ashes”, about that painting. It tells the redemptive story of all the Native American tribes. Come listen to a story, with music, of God’s Presence amongst us.

Spirit Hawk, AKA Randy Childress, native flutist and guitarist, will also play prayer songs on his flute and guitar. When Randy came to faith in Yeshua, people told him to reject his Cherokee ways, but God told him those ways were holy, that they spoke of Yeshua. Come and listen and learn.

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