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We celebrated Pentecost in May

Shavuot/Pentecost was a time of great intimacy between us, as people shared their hearts and desires and yearnings in the Lord. He met us abundantly, answering our questions and bringing us into deeper and deeper communion peace. One person saw our group surrounded by golden light with a golden being standing behind each one of us. Beyond that there was another circle of light and beyond that another circle of light

A note from Wendy...

“Yesterday I returned from a glorious celebration of Shavuot with friends in Israel to another glorious celebration of Pentecost on my land in the USA. God was weaving the two continents together, breaking barriers between people, creating new community in Him. With ferocious hunger we are being given access to the Sea of Glass. A number of us experienced this through worship.  Extraordinary.  I can’t quite describe the feeling of moving and dancing and singing and worshiping together as one.  Unique in my life. We are touching upon the firmament that separated the waters of heaven from the waters of earth, God welcoming us to dance upon the fabric of His Heart. Collectively.”

We celebrated Passover in April

What happens when God turns his covenant relationship with Israel into his covenant relationship with Jesus‘s body? What happens when Israel’s constitution, as God’s nation, given on Mount Sinai, becomes God’s Constitution of love, written into the hearts of all believers, given at Pentecost? What happens when law becomes love, when judgment becomes grace, when obedience becomes freedom? Who are we and what do we become? Our hearts turn from stone to flesh and we fully desire to serve the living God and to bless all people everywhere. 

Let us return to the power of Pentecost, as we surrender our knowledge of good and evil to the living God, and turn our full attention to the Tree of Life, the love of God. 

We celebrated PURIM in March

girl in crown.jpg

We celebrated Sukkot Under the Stars in October of 2022

Sukkot was the perfect way to christen The Mountain! We welcomed people from all tribes, nations, and tongues!  God gave us a glorious taste of what Kingdom life and celebration with him is all about.  Every night we had worship, dancing, family, feasting, praying, learning, remembering, dreaming, camping, blessing and God's presence; HE IS SO GOOD!

Here are some pictures from the celebration...

Here's what people are saying about Sukkot:

Sukkot was absolutely amazing! From the worship to the fellowship to the prayers, to the teachings and to the crafts…it struck an old and familiar cord within me and answered a deep cry of my heart to hold and to touch and to laugh and to dance with people of all ages…to join with his creation in LOVE in the clear air; the very breath of our YWEH bringing us back to him through sweet songs, campfire, hopeful prayer, and warm hugs. Sukkot refreshed my spirit and lifted my eyes in HOPE, encouraging me to keep dreaming and believing for heaven on earth. 

- Jessica from Texas

Rose from Greenville  - 

I enjoyed Sukkot so very much. The workshops, worship and fellowship far exceeded my expectations every day. Sleeping under the stars was magical.  

Celebrating Sukkot and understanding its meaning is brand new for me. Embracing the Hebraic roots of Christianity is brand new for me.  What I am learning is that Father God is intentional with layers upon layers of mystery and revelation for his people to discover more about his heart.  He has put into place festivals and dedicated feast days to remember specific ways that He has cared for his people in the past so that our present hope and faith is strengthened. Sukkot was full of rich teaching, intimate meals and glorious worship of our Great God. 

 - Angie from Easley

 G. from Easley - 

Coming from a conservative Christian background, I almost feel cheated because our rich Hebrew heritage has been kept out of mainstream Western church. I find it impossible to really understand Jesus as Messiah without understanding how his story is told all through Old Testament history. Jesus celebrated all the feasts and festivals. He is the fulfillment of every feast, of every promise, of every miracle found in Torah. Sukkot gave me a new and more full revelation of Jesus!

My family and I made a last-minute decision to spend the evening at Sukkot under the stars. Wendy was a wonderful host. She was so warm and friendly and loved on everyone there. All the people that we met were very kind and quite a few in the same position as us, being first time guests. We all joined together and shared an evening meal and a time of heartfelt personal, yet group worship together. We gathered around and spent time in prayer together giving thanks for all the wonderful things God has blessed us with. It was an absolutely beautiful facility, still in the making, and I cannot wait to see what it looks like in the future. The celebration tent was absolutely beautiful. They also had  wonderful bathroom and shower facilities for anyone who was camping. I think it would’ve been an amazing experience to camp there and wake up the next morning and celebrate another day with fellow believers. Our family appreciates the hospitality that we were shown as well as the love of God that was given to us.

 - April from Pickens

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