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Sukkot Under the Stars
October 9-18, 2022


It all began when a friend, who is new to her Hebraic roots, asked me to create a celebration for Sukkot. I was planning on going to Israel, but felt G-d’s inclination to say yes to her, so I did.


And then, in the midst of our planning, G-d stopped me short.  A bit of a truncated, paraphrased conversation follows. He actually sounded very dramatic, His point very clear:


G-D: You live on former Cherokee land.

Me:  Yes?

G-D:  I want you to honor the Cherokee.

Me:  OK. How?

G-D: Invite them as MY guests for Sukkot. Welcome them home in My Name.  (I felt a bit perplexed.  Just how was I supposed to do that?)  Follow my lead, and I will invite them and welcome them home through you.

I discovered that my land is in the ancient Cherokee Hunting Grounds relinquished to the settlers in the DeWitt Treaty of 1777.


I had heard that the Cherokee were sometimes considered one of the Lost Tribes of Israel and I had an inclination that was true, but now someone shared this website with me. It explains that the Cherokee have DNA markers that identify them with the Middle East and especially with Israel. Interesting…


Next, I was invited to Shabbat with a Cherokee liaison.  That conversation is still producing results.


In Hebrew the word for wind and the word for spirit are the same, ruach.  The ruach blows on a breezy day.  The ruach of the living God blows in my heart  Same.  Same. The  physical wind has been blowing a lot recently, on cue, confirming God’s word when He speaks, a reminder that when I’m on His journey I’m always home with Him.


“My Spirit, my friend, is blowing in the wind.  My Spirit is blowing in the wind. Wait. Trust.  Lay down your burden. Rest. Relax.  I will show the way.”


The wind of welcome is inviting the Cherokee to join us for Sukkot.


Those who wait upon the LORD will gain new strength; they will sprout wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary. (Isaiah 40:31)


That is the essence of Sukkot


Please join us!

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