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Something beautiful is taking shape in the mountains just north of Greenville.  

A goshen is being developed called Beit Tiferet Emunah


A goshen is a place for God’s protective, nurturing, supportive, set-apart care.

Beit Tiferet Emunah means a Home for God’s Glorious Faith 

Thus, we have been invited, by the LORD, to create a protected, nurturing, faith-filled, home for His glory. 


Join us, as we learn to live even closer within His Embrace to accomplish this. 

A creative, nurturing, protected, retreat center that honors Christianity’s Hebraic roots and functions in harmony with the land.


Healthy Living

Creating unto the LORD

Celebrating the Hebraic Feasts

Healing Restoration Redemption

Yielding to God’s Call

Coming away



Silence Prayer Contemplation




Art shows


Long and short term retreats and residences

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