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To establish environments where God’s love and discipline are held in balance in all areas of life. 


To establish a permanent location, including a nature-based eco-system, that utilizes the resources of the environment for healthy living, while focusing on the arts, healing, restoration, redemption and harmonious living, as people respond to the LORD’s Creative Hand, and yield to His call to “come away,” to rest, to be still before Him and create.


"Houses of Beauty," in Hebrew, is "Beit Tiferet."  Tiferet is the balance between Love and Structure. Love is the expansive quality of life, the expansive generating principle of existence. Structure is the ordering principle. Gravity. Math. Physics. God’s Law.  

All of God’s creativity utilizes both. 


The beauty of a wedding crown is Tiferet.  

The Tabernacle is Tiferet.  

All of our creations, in the LORD’s Name, are Tiferet. 

A butterfly. Our selves.

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