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Current Activities on God’s Mountain 
(Beit Tiferet Emunah)

Shabbat meetings at 11:00 AM

Sunday meetings at 2:30 PM


There is mystery surrounding Shabbat.

God rested from His work.

He contemplated what He had done, good and very good.

Then He called us to rest with Him on Shabbat.

But Jesus said God never rests. 

Jesus continued to heal, Shabbat after Shabbat after Shabbat.



Let’s look at the mystery of God’s weekly Shabbat, the romance of His weekly wedding feast. 


The  LORD describes His work as “finished” in Genesis 2:1, using a  verb that is related to the noun for Bride, “cala.” As a Bride’s former life is finished when she responds to her husband’s call, walking into new life with him, so our lives are finished when we come to the LORD and walk into new life with our Savior. Genesis 2:1 could be translated like this:  Thus the heavens and earth became the Bride, and all the host of them. 


We stand beside our LORD as His Bride on Shabbat, as His partner, joining Him in His rhythm and honoring Him as our Husband. 


In Genesis 2:2 the mystery expands.  


The noun God uses for work, “malach,” is more commonly the word for “messenger” or “angel.” So we can read, “And Elohim finished (His Bride) on the seventh day, his Messenger which He had made, and He rested on the seventh day from all His Messenger which he had made.” 


Thus, we too finish our work on the seventh day, and we pray about how our work can be joined with His Work, to become part of His Message to the world. 


In Genesis 2:3 we read, “And Elohim blessed the seventh day, and made it holy, because in it He rested from all His work (His Messenger), which Elohim had created and made.”  


And so we rest in Him.  


But Yeshua, giving a teaching on Shabbat about His healing says, “My Father is always at work, to this very day, and I, too, am working.” (John 5:17)


The Fall.


Nothing, after the Fall, is ONLY “good and very good.” 

There is always work to be done, healing and restoring.

We rest, and the LORD works in us, bringing us back to purity.

Washing our feet.


We give ourselves to the LORD.

He heals us.

We listen to the LORD.

He blesses us.  

We read Scripture over each other. 

He rests us and we are restored.


We start at 11am

408 Highway 912, Landrum, SC 29356


The day God created Light. (Gen 1:3)

The day God separated Light from darkness. (Gen 1:4)

The day God initiated His universal masterpiece.

The day of the Resurrection.

The day of Shavuot/Pentecost.

A day like none other.


God has demonstrated overwhelming initiative, creative power and strength, beyond our comprehension or imagination, beginning His universal masterpiece, on Sunday. 


On Sundays we meet with God to partner with Him as He births the newness of His light for that week. Poetically, it’s the moment when He extends His power to create life anew within us. Will you join Him? I hear Him saying, “Will you accept My invitation?  we create your days together?” I feel Him yearning for us to say yes.


We listen to hear Him, to learn what He wants to create through us that week. Then we create something, individually and/or collaboratively … anything… a poem, a painting, a song, a story, a recipe, whatever He gives… to partner with Him. As we share our individual expressions we see how they connect, how they make one holy God-breathed organic unity to honor His Holiness. 

Sundays and Shabbat

For those who want to come to both, think of beginning the week engaging with His glorious inspiration and ending the week with gratitude for what He has given us. Think of beginning the week creating with Him and ending the week resting with Him at His Bridal Banquet, eyes only for Him. Think about a cycle that fills your entire week with appreciation and amazement. What could be better??? Holy!!!

Unsolicited responses

“It was like Aglow meetings on steroids.” 


“My cup overflows. This was the most beautiful Shabbat service I’ve been to in my entire life. Holy Spirit showed up in such a beautiful sweet way.” 


“Bountiful joy and love !! I'm so appreciative to be part of this new community!! It is the Father's mountain of Gems!! The Father is so excited about our anticipation to meet again. He has so much more for us up there! He has so many beautiful Gems He wants to give! He is excited that we come to seek Him and find HIM, the TRUE GEM. Of all His gifts, He Himself is the greatest gift of all as He manifests Himself! So blessed so loved we are !

Come and drink the Father's water ! Come behold His beauty! Come all who are hungry and thirsty and you shall be filled!

Thank you Father in Yeshua's name for surrounding us with your love, healing, deliverance, power !!

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